Being independent as a wheelchair user

Wheelchair usage has been increasing over the past few decades. As the number of wheelchairs being used has been increasing, the ways to gain independence as a wheelchair user have also been increasing. Gaining independence as a wheelchair user will make new paths and open new doors for you and help in exploring life from a new perspective.

There are a lot of restrictions you have to face as a wheelchair user, but there are ways you can gain control of your independence and the tips and strategies described here will help you in attaining freedom and independence as a wheelchair user.

Reasons for independence

As it was stated earlier, there are many restrictions a wheelchair user has to face, and almost everyone would want to gain independence for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Easier accessibility
  • Pursuing your interests
  • Maintain a positive look
  • Join groups and discussions
  • Get around easily
  • Overcome fears and concerns
  • Do physical activities
  • Travel on vacations
  • Resting and sleeping with ease

All of these can be achieved with ease once you gain freedom and independence as a wheelchair user. There are many ways to do so and these methods, and little tricks are easy and adaptive as well.

Gaining independence

  1. Driving and transportation

If you have a car and prefer to drive to places, you can get your car modified for drivers with disabilities. There are many options and settings to choose from according to your comfort. This can help you in many ways as it would surely give you ease in traveling and getting around to places.

Other than this, technology has come a long way now, and taxi services such as Uber left can help you in traveling to distances while being affordable as well. Public buses, trains, and subways can be useful as well depending on your needs.

  1. Exercise and strength training

Many times, you need strength to lift your wheelchair to various places when you are alone, and for this, it is necessary to stay fit and healthy. This is not the only reason to workout. Regular exercise helps you in staying positive and maintaining a positive outlook in life as well. Being fit and healthy is a great way to attain freedom for a wheelchair user.

  1. Using wheelchair accesses

When you are out somewhere, use the wheelchair ramps, elevators, automatic door openers, parking spots for disables and other features you usually find in public spots. Most public spots have separate parking spots, washrooms, and paths reserved for the disabled. If you visit a place regularly and might need some modifications you can request the owner of the place for that as well.

  1. Adapt your environment according to yourself

Your main objective is to gain independence and more accessibility as a wheelchair user, and the best way you can attain freedom is by adapting and modifying your environment-especially where you live and work- according to your need and desires.

You will need to ask your friends and family for some initial modifications before gaining freedom such as creating a workplace where everything is near you and attainable easily. Modifying the entrance and exits of your houses, creating ramps for kitchens and other modifications according to your needs.

  1. Newer and better wheelchair

Technological advancements are being made in every field, and wheelchairs are gaining more mobility each day. To gain independence, you will have to upgrade your wheelchair and switch to a newer and better wheelchair with more features, options, and accessibility.

The latest wheelchairs in the market are lightweight, electric and can be controlled with a controller or a joystick attached to the wheelchair. These wheelchairs can achieve reasonable speeds without going out of control and balance. Technology is working on wheelchairs which will be able to climb stairs on their own as well.


Having freedom and independence is every individual’s right, and it should be given to them. A wheelchair user can attain independence and explore life by adapting their lifestyle, maintaining good health and fitness, and using new technology.