Ease of mobility: Manual or Powered Wheelchair

Wheelchairs always come in handy when a person has undergone a severe state of surgery and is unable to move around easily. It also helps people when they don’t have anyone to look after them, and they want to move around without anybody’s help. Wheelchairs have been one of the best inventions in the modern era where it helps everyone be it a person with minor injury or severe, it provides the ease of mobility, and if they are in need of something, they don’t have to call somebody to take them to a certain place rather they can go there and fulfill their needs.

Taking into consideration the enormity of some wheelchairs that we have today, almost all the public transports have reserved area for the people who are riding wheelchairs or are paralyzed and moved some other help. In the early ages, when the wheelchair was invented, it used to be manual, and there was no concept of making it an electric chair which moves like any other vehicle on the road. Many advancements have been made in wheelchairs which have led to the development of state of the art wheelchairs which have made it pretty easy for the paralyzed people to move around just as the normal and healthy people do.

Factors to consider while choosing a wheelchair

Here is the list of factors that you should consider while deciding whether to buy a manual or powered wheelchair.

  1. Surroundings of your house
  2. Area inside house
  3. The terrain of the area where you live
  4. The condition of the pavements and roads in your locality
  5. The condition of the patient/person using a wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs offer ease of mobility for a patient who cannot support himself either with crutches or any other support stick. It also extends support to the guardians of the patients as well as they are the ones who have to move the patient repeatedly either for washroom needs or to make him experience fresh air outside. If the patient’s body has swollen and weight has increased many folds, it becomes essential to keep a wheelchair to move the patient. Manual wheelchair also allows the patient to move the chair around himself. There is a steel frame mounted on the wheels which are meant to move the chair.

Powered wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are moved by the motors which are attached to the wheels via a shaft. The shaft is connected to the wheels which are driven by the motor. The motor could be powered by a robust battery, or it could also get power from the Solar panel which is again connected with the battery. The battery is a cardinal component of powered wheelchairs. There is joystick mounted on the handle to allow the patient to move the chair himself, thereby relieving himself of somebody else’s help and gets relieved of relying on somebody else to move.

Which wheelchair should one buy?

All these factors should be well accounted for when deciding to buy a wheelchair. After weighing the pros and cons of both the choices, make a well-thought decision because all these factors are highly important to consider when buying a wheelchair. If the surroundings of your house are densely populated, and there is traffic rush on the roads outside your house, then definitely powered vehicle would work to cope up with the speed of the vehicles and to comply by the rules of traffic.

If your house is quite small, then the powered vehicle would keep on ramming into the walls because its speed is pretty fast and it is meant to commute fast. If your house is small and it doesn’t allow enough space to maneuver powered vehicle, then thumbs down for a powered vehicle. The terrain of the area where you live is highly important. If the terrain is not flat land, then the powered vehicle may topple the person on it because of the inertial forces acted upon it while moving. In such cases, it is preferable to buy a manual wheelchair.

Therefore, it depends on certain factors when choosing to buy a wheelchair. Both types have pros and cons, but their weight is dependent on the factors and circumstances one is facing. We suggest you make a well-thought choice before buying because after all, it is you who has to use this wheelchair.