Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

According to the recent research by Beauty Fix MedSpa, mommy makeovers are one of the most popular procedures performed in a plastic surgery clinic. In short, a mommy makeover is essentially any combination of procedures for the breast and the body that will help reverse the changes from pregnancy. This can be anything from a breast augmentation to a lift with an augmentation or even just a breast reduction, in order to obtain the desired size and shape.

With a tummy it can be anything from liposuction to a full tummy tuck, depending on the changes that a woman sees on her body after having children. It is extremely safe to perform both of these procedures together at the same time. Most women need about three to four days before they’re mostly back to normal life. Usually, by the end of the first week driving is permissible as well as getting back to work.

In two weeks it should be okay to go back to the gym. Even though there will be an immediately visible change, it takes several months before all the swelling subsides and the final results can be seen.

After surgery, there are some important do’s and don’ts that will make recovery a much smoother and more comfortable process.

Things to Do

Make arrangements for a family member or friend to drive you home after surgery

Since you will be under general anesthesia for your surgery, you will need someone to drive you home after the surgery is complete and stay with you for the first night. This can be a family member or close friend, or even an in-home nurse. Ask your doctor for assistance if this is a concern.

Arrange for household help while you recover

Since you will be on bed rest for a bit and very likely sore for some time after your surgery, make arrangements in advance for household help. Have your spouse, relative, or a babysitter ready to care for your children, a maid or housekeeper if that is feasible for you, and anyone else that might be able to assist you during this time. Make sure there will be someone available to cook as well as take care of any outside maintence.

Plan to rest

Any surgery is taxing to the body, so it’s a good idea to plan to rest for at least two weeks after your surgery if possible. Take time off of work, turn off your phone, and let others handle the day-to-day for as long as possible.

Have any needed supplies ready

Ask your doctor for a specific list of things you will need after surgery – this can include stool softeners, antibiotic ointment and soap, crackers and bottled water, a thermometer, ready-to-eat meals, and entertainment such as books or a laptop with movies. You may also want a dark-colored robe and loose clothing or pajamas, jello or fruit to make smoothies with, and an eye mask for daytime sleeping.

Things NOT to Do

Don’t lift anything – especially your babies

For most mommies, this is a hard habit to break; it’s natural to pick up and hold our children without thinking. However, for at least several weeks after surgery you must avoid picking up anything that will strain your body. This could cause several side effects so it is imperative to arrange for childcare ahead of time.

Don’t take blood thinners

Including aspirin, ibuprofen and other prescription medications that can cause excessive bleeding. Also be aware of foods containing excess Vitamin K, such as spinach. Ask your doctor for a complete list of medicines that must be avoided.

Do not smoke, drink, or consume harmful substances during your recovery time

Besides being bad for your general health, these actions can delay your healing and cause harmful side effects. In addition, avoid being around those who smoke during this recovery period – there are certain research studies that link the inhalation of cigarette smoke with delayed surgical recovery times.

Don’t try to “tough it out”

Take any prescribed pain medications as needed and as directed by your doctor. It does not help you to recover any faster if you are suffering through the pain. It is better for your mind and body to be pain-free and relaxed after your mommy makeover.

Additional Considerations

Make sure to get adequate rest after your surgery! Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side. On your back is best, with your head elevated on several pillows if possible. If sleeping this way is difficult for you, another option is to sleep in a recliner chair.

Adequate hydration is another overlooked, but absolutely essential part of recovery after any surgery. Make sure your body has the fluids it needs to hydrate your cells and allow the inflammation and swelling to go down quickly. Ask your doctor which fluids would best meet your recovery needs – options may include sports drinks, and electrolyte beverages, fresh juices, herbal teas, and filtered water.

Lastly, if any concerning side effects begin to develop, be sure to promptly call your doctor or plastic surgery clinic with any concerns. They are there to help you and want you to recover as quickly as possible. A mommy makeover is a wonderful option for women to increase confidence and self-esteem after pregnancy, and if all of these do’s and don’ts are followed, the end result will surely be worth it.