5 Breastfeeding Myths You Probably Believe Are True

There are some very misleading myths floating around out there regarding breastfeeding. It seems unbelievable that such important information about a vital, life-supporting function could get misconstrued or made up! With more misinformation than facts out there, many expectant mothers don’t even give breastfeeding the first thought. Mothers who do want to breastfeed are often … Read more »

Is Prescription required for CPAP, BiPAP and APAP devices?

Sleep-apneas have become quite common among the older folks of this generation. All this leads people into believing that they can buy apnea treating machines like CPAP, BiPAP and APAP devices easily without fulfilling any requirement after they “diagnose” themselves of having sleep apnea. In reality, all the equipment related to sleep-apnea treatment like airflow … Read more »