Healthy Lifestyles Impact

Healthy Businesses Program Inspires Statewide Healthiest Maryland Businesses Program

Healthiest Maryland Businesses is a statewide movement to create a culture of wellness at work – to ensure that the healthiest choice is the easiest choice. The goals of the program are to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy workforce, and to recruit and recognize business leaders who support workplace policies that support healthy employees, a major economic driver of business’ fiscal health.

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This statewide program is modeled after Healthy Howard’s Healthy Workplaces certification program, which recognized businesses promoting workplace wellness for five years.  It is funded by a Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene CDC grant through the Howard County Health Department and is now housed in the Howard County Health Department.  Please contact them for more information.

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Healthy Child Care Program Inspires Statewide Change

In 2011, Healthy Howard established the Healthy Child Care program to encourage licensed child care and early childhood programs in the county to improve health and wellness for children in their facilities. The program, supported by the Horizon Foundation, promoted evidence-based practices and standards to prevent childhood obesity. These measures included offering healthier drinks, making water readily available, reducing non-educational screen time and providing breastfeeding support for mothers.

As a result, healthy beverage and food offerings significantly increased at about 100 childcare facilities in the county.


The program’s goals served as the model for the 2014 Maryland Child Care Centers – Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Act passed by the state legislature to ensure that all licensed child care facilities in Maryland follow the same standards that proved successful in Howard County.

Read more about the state law from the American Heart Association.

Healthy Schools Program Inspires HoCo Public School System Wellness Policy 9090

Research shows a clear link between academic success and good health. Our Healthy Schools programs served K-12 public and private schools in Howard County, reaching over 44,000 students and their families each year. The program worked with school wellness teams to create and implement a broad range of nutritional and physical activities that schools used to create healthy environments and engage students with varying learning styles, physical abilities and personalities.  Each school was awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum medal status based on their programming to promote health and wellness.


Health Howard is pleased to have offered this important program for eight years (ending in 2015) and to have impacted the lives of over 50,000 students across the county.  The program goals were adopted by the Howard County Public School System in 2014.  Healthy Howard congratulates the school system for their outstanding commitment to the health of their students.

View these resources to promote health in your local school: