Our Work

From enrolling Marylanders in health care through Maryland Health Connection to promoting businesses with strong workplace wellness policies and practices, Healthy Howard’s programs cover a wide breadth of issues designed to improve the quality of life in our state.

Healthy Howard’s programs focus on four priority areas:

Access to Care

We believe that health is a right and a responsibility that requires supports in the community, and that access to high-quality, affordable health care is an important factor in good health. Healthy Howard offers programs that help individuals find and enroll in health coverage that meets their needs.


Community Partnerships for Health

Healthy Howard understands the important role of community partnerships in creating systemic change to promote health and well-being. Our Community Partnerships for Health programs take a collaborative approach to health and engage diverse stakeholders to coordinate efforts and resources.


Care Coordination

Healthy Howard’s care coordination programs are focused on educating, empowering and connecting individuals – many of whom have health coverage – to effectively access the care they need. These programs work closely with doctors and other health care providers to coordinate services for patients so that they get the right health care at the right time.