Community Care Team

Healthy Howard’s Community Care Team (CCT) took a focused, innovative approach to improve the health of frequently hospitalized Howard County residents. This program helped chronically ill individuals connect with resources that allow them to better manage their illness, improve their health and avoid preventable hospitalizations.

Our team of highly-trained community health nurses and community health workers taught patients the skills needed to take care of themselves, help them develop a feasible and easily understood health plan personalized to their unique lifestyle and connect them to a primary care provider and other community resources, including social service agencies.

An evaluation of the program showed reduction in hospital admissions and improved ability to manage chronic conditions.

In June 2016, the CCT transitioned from a program of Healthy Howard to a program of Howard County General Hospital (HCGH). The CCT model remains unchanged and continues to provide home-based care management to frequently hospitalized Howard County residents. We look forward to improving transitions from hospital to home. For information about the CCT, please contact Kate Harton at HCGH.

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